The powerful and easy-to-use log file analyzer for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP that has all the normal features of a quality log file analyzer and then boasts unique features not found in any other log file analyzer. 

Feature List  (Std = Standard Edition  Pro = Professional Edition  Ent = Enterprise Edition) 


Feature Std Pro Ent
Analyze proxy log files plus additional proxy reports
Duplicate/clone site profile for fast site profile creation
Licensed to analyze web sites for other third parties
Can be run as a service under Windows NT/2000 and be administrated with Windows Terminal Services
Generate reports in Microsoft Word 2000/XP format
Unique control panel for dynamic filtering on referrers, dates, visitors or files.
Fast and an interactive reporting mode. The fast option is used when larger log files have to be analyzed or when Surfstats is used by a Web Host to produce reports for clients. The interactive option is for analyzing smaller log files and has the additional feature of dynamically filtering on dates, files, visitors, and referrers. Please note that this mode requires Internet Explorer 4 or higher.
Unique integrated html viewer and printer. This means that no other browser has to be started to display or print the reports or when local hyperlinks are followed, graphs and tables can be displayed on the same page, individual reports or the complete report can be printed and no page breaks will occur in the middle of graphs, filters can be applied on data while a report is displayed and DNS resolving can be done while displaying a report of visitors.
Surfstats resolves domain names from IP addresses of the top 20 (selectable) on demand and remembers previously resolved addresses for faster reporting and analysis. You can even “visit your visitor” by clicking on the hyper-linked IP Addresses or domain names displayed on reports. The resolved IP addresses are stored in a global database so they need not be resolved again.
Save and restore DNS database feature so IP Addresses need not be resolved again.
Supports monitoring of multiple web sites and report on them together.
Generate reports in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. You can edit the language template to change languages on reports to other languages.
Only generates required reports, stores analyzed reports and never analyze the same data again. Allows for overlapping log files.
The user can add descriptions on dates when changes to the web sites, promotions or advertising was done to track its success.
Apply filters to the unique control panel while viewing a report and see changes to ALL reports.
Accurate and unrivaled quality web site activity reports and printouts.
Tips and links to resources are available online to help improve a user’s Web Site.
SurfStats can process log files in the background so you can continue working on other tasks while long reports are being analyzed and generated.
Keyboard shortcuts are available for most used functions.
Unique report theme manager to change logos, backgrounds, colors and fonts in reports or use defined report styles.
Analyze multiple log files and specify the dates to report on.
Integrated raw log file viewer with viewing, searching and printing capabilities. View and print htm, txt, RTF, gif, jpg, png, BMP, Xls, doc, and many more file formats.  Even view and print files within compressed files.
SurfStats has been designed to make it powerful and fast but still as easy as possible to use for the novice and experienced user.
The software runs on the Web Host’s client’s PC and therefore reduces server load. The domain name, login name and password are all that is required to set SurfStats up for downloading log files.
Context-sensitive help available when pressing F1.
Includes an FTP client to help in setting up the file downloading.
The destination of generated reports can be set to be viewed, e-mailed. filed in specific directories or up- and downloaded with the FTP client.
The time zone can now be adjusted.
Easily add log files with the site manager to analyze from the host’s server as well as from local and remote drives.
SurfStats automatically downloads (FTP) log files from the Host’s server. The client only has to supply the domain name, login name and the login password when a new site is created.
A setup wizard is included in leading clients through the program setup.
SurfStats supports most Web Server Log Formats and automatically detects the type.  If SurfStats does not support your log file format, send us a copy of your log file and we’ll add it. The log file formats supported are Apache Common, Microsoft IIS – dd/mm/yy, Microsoft IIS – mm/dd/yy, Microsoft IIS – yy/mm/dd, Microsoft IIS NCSA Common, Microsoft Proxy – dd/mm/yy, Microsoft Proxy – mm/dd/yy, Microsoft Proxy – yy/mm/dd, NCSA Combined, NCSA Common, Netscape Proxy, Netscape Web – dd/mm/yy, Netscape Web – mm/dd/yy, Netscape Web – yy/mm/dd, IIS W3C Extended Log, O’Reilly Windows and Real Audio.
Report on multiple log files as if they are one continuous log file to view historical trends.
Downloads log files from multiple domains of the Web Host and produce reports for each one.
Easy report selection from the expandable and collapsible table of contents.
Add a company logo or other logos to a report.
Advanced filtering allows you to customize your reports. Include and/or exclude the specific dates, files and clients you need with SurfStats’ easy-to-use filter – even when a report is displayed.
Tracks user sessions for all applicable reports.
SurfStats automatically decompress compressed log files of .ZIP and .GZ formats. Compressed log files are downloaded faster and save significant disk space. SurfStats is adapted to handle the Web Host’s compressed format.
Reports are generated in html format which can be read by most browsers and can be imported into the latest version of MS Word.